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How to do a prank call with any number

Hello friends today I will tell you about a very interesting tool named as crazy call

It is an ultimate tool for making prank calls and fooling your friends.  In this you can change your caller id.  And when you call to someone then that person see the id or phone number of person that you want.  Isn't that exciting and also you can change the voice you can edit the pitch of your call. 
I think you are now excited to know more about it and if you want to use this so follow my steps. 

Go to your browser and type crazy call. 
Click on crazy call then you see a interface like

After clicking on crazy call you will able to see a interface like in above picture Now select your country from where you are calling  Then choose the caller ID that you want display on your friends phone  Then write your friends phone number whom you want to call (prank)  Then click on the last option get me the code after that they will ask for your number that currently you are using so write down your correct mobi…
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How to use a Facebook account of people without knowing them

How to use a Facebook account of people without knowing them! 

This trick is very useful, easy. And the rate of success is very high in this trick. Therefore if you are interested in in this then follow my instructions that are given below.. . 
Step-1  go to the web browser (search engine).   Step-2 now in web browser go to the

Step-3 now you find many things on your screen  but firstly you have to sign up for making your ID.  Making of id is very easy.  For making the id you just have to sign up and fill the basic information like your user name, d. O. B, any email address, and your password that u want.  Step-4  now go the  and login and use your ID and password that you used for sign up.  Step-5 when you are logged in into the you account then you will find many links showing.  But don't get confused. You simply go to the Facebook link and copy it you can copy other links also but the link should be attractive so copy that link and send it to those people whom f…